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De badkamer welke hier is afgebeeld staat in verpleeghuis Heijendaal in Arnhem.

This bathroom is placed in nursinghome Heijendaal in Arnhem, Holland.

New Snoezelen swimmingpool at tyltylschool de witte vogel in Holland

In dit artikel vind je een fotoreportage en achtergronden van de bouw van het nieuwe snoezel zwembad in de tyltylschool De Witte Vogel in Den Haag.

In this article you\'ll find the pictures and the story about the building of a new snoezelen swimmingpool at the tyltyl school 'The White Bird' in The Hague (Holland)

Here you see pictures of the Snoezelen bathroom of the Watersteeg in Uden, Holland.


The bath is an hydrosound bath of Arjo

Here you see the new hydrosound bath of Arjo placed in a Snoezelen bathroom at the Activity center Rondo in Almere, Holland. This publication is presentend in Dutch and English!

For this publication we thank Arjo for providing us the pictures.

Here you'll find new pictures of the Snoezelenpooll at Bloorview. They will give you a beautiful impression of how the Snoezelen is combined with water or swimming.


Our home-made Snoezelen Bathroom    (By Lenise from Israel)

I work in a school for multiple handicapped children twice a week. As all schools, there are different children with very different levels, both physical and cognitive. We have decided to build a Snoezelen for the children in the future, but meanwhile we had to come up with a good idea, which was cheap and quick and easy to make!

This article outlines the development of the Bloorview MacMillan Children's Centre Snoezelen Pool program. It will also discuss the ongoing challenge to make this contribution sustainable. (For more details, please refer to: 'Snoezelen for people with sensory difficulties and restricted verbal abilities' by Lorraine Thomas, published in 'Snoezelen viele Lander - viele Konzepte, ISNA, 2002)