Here you see the pictures of a very special kind of Snoezelroom; 'The Holiday Room'. The whole room is build around the theme of going on holiday. An event most resident have nice memories of. The client group consists of Mentally Retarded residents.

Here we present you some beautiful pictures of one of the few Snoezelenrooms in Roemenia. 

Here you'll get a beautiful impression of the Snoezelenroom at Bloorview MacMillan in Canada


Here we present you some examples of wallpaintings which you can use to support your Snoezelen activities based on a 24h approach. You can use these images to establish contact with your clients in a spontaneous way.

The Snoezelen ZC Oranjehaeve Breda, Holland

In this publication you'll get a very good impression about this Snoezelenroom. The room is build and used for eldery people with dementia.

Do you have pictures of your own Snoezelen room? 

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In case you have pictures of your own Snoezelenroom we invite you to mail them to For you it is an opportunity to show the world what you are doing. For the visitors of the website it is the opportunity to get a global overview of all kinds of Snoezelen rooms.

People around the world will get inspired by your ideas!

So send your pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (in JGP format please)

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Ilse Achterberg

Photographs of the Snoezelen room at Whithey Pier Memorial, Canada

The foto impression of the Snoezelen room at the Hartenberg, The Netherlands

Pictures of The Snoezelen rooms at Beit Issie Shapiro Israel

Together with the many developments of Snoezelen as a therapy for more and more clientgroups, we find an increasing number of examples of Snoezelen integrated into the 24h care. This are often applications of Snoezelen outside the traditional Snoezelenrooms. Caregivers and therapists getting more aware about the fact that Snoezelen does not need to stop after leaving the Snoezelenroom.

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