Samantha Wildschut

A snoezelroom in Maassluis for a day activitycentre


Maassluis1 Maassluis2

A beautiful snoezelbathroom in Breda, The Netherlands

Breda1 Breda2

This is a Snoezelroom we made for Sterkhuis in Goirle. This is an organisation for childeren who need help in what kind of form.

Goirle1 Goirle2

Snoezelroom in, South Africa Johannesburg bellavista school Ali Scott. Made by World Wide Snoezelen

Johannesburg1 Johannesburg2

Snoezelroom in Amsterdam, with the theme beach

Strandkamer Ams1 Strandkamer Ams2


Mooi artikel over het Snoezelcentrum in weekblad Wijdemeren

Snoezelen in weekblad

Snoezelroom in Denmark

thumbnail DSCN6141 1024 thumbnail Snoezelhuset i Maribo nyt

Snoezelroom in Mirandola, Italy, made by Giagomo Menabue

Mirandola1 Mirandola2

Snoezelroom in Capetown, South-Africa, made by World Wide Snoezelen

Capetown1 Capetown2

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