Samantha Wildschut

A Snoezelroom in Irun, Spain. Made by Kilika haurtzaindegia.


Irun2 Inrun1

Snoezelroom in Amerika, Queens New York, made by Linda messbauer 

New York

Snoezelroom in Bethlehem


This snoezelroom is in New Zealand. The room is called the Margaret Moore Snoezelen room


This is a comfort snoezelroom for children with psychological problems. Made by World Wide Snoezelen


The wellness snoezelroom for clients with dementia. They also can use the snoezelroom for wellness , massage, beautysalon. This snoezelroom is multifunctional.

Welness1 Welness2

A snoezelroom in a carefarm for childeren with special needs. There are 8 childeren living on the carefarm in Riel

Riel1 Riel2

Gatwick Airport is the first UK airport who has open a sensory room for passengers. The relaxing, private and fully interactive space has been designed for passengers with autism, dementia, cognitive impairment or other special needs to help them feel relaxed before their flight. It's also accessible for wheelchair users.

Gatwick airport2 Gatwick airport1

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