Samantha Wildschut

This Snoezelroom in Portage la Prairie, Canada, is made by Albert Krynski. 

Portage la Prairie1 Portage la Prairie2

A snoezelroom in Hoorn, in The Netherlands, made by Arthur Bak

Arthur hoorn1 Arthur hoorn2

A snoezelroom in Québec, Canada, made by Nathalie


A snoezelroom for sensory stimulation for clients with cognitive impairment, inaugurated by the CHUGA Endowment Fund and the team of the Center de Gérontologie Sud.

Grenoble1 Grenoble2

A snoezelroom in Oyonnax, France for ADPEI de l'Ain. 

Oyonnax1 Oyonnax2

A snoezelroom in Bouaye, France, made by L'ESPACE SNOEZELEN

Bouaye1 Bouaye2


A snoezelroom in Curacao, at the Hedwig School, made by Noiraida Sour

Cura1 Cura2

A snoezelroom in Italy, made by Giusi sestina

Giusi sestina2 Giusi sestina1

A snoezelroom in Miami, made by Gillian hotz. This snoezelroom is specially made for coma patients. 


A snoezelroom in New York, Queens. Made by Linda Messbauer

Newyork queens


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