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Snoezelroom and a snoezel bathroom and a blacklight in a organisation for people with disability

Opmeer Opmeer1

Snoezelbathroom in Zaandam, The Netherlands


Zaandam1 Zaandam2

Snoezelroom, in Gaasenbeek Den Haag, Esther van Uden

Denhaag1 Denhaag2

This Snoezelroom, in The Netherlands, is specially made for clients with dementia

dementia2 dementia1

A Snoezelroom in a school for special education in The Netherlands 

special school1 Special school2

This is one of our Snoezelrooms in The Netherlands, in Goes. 

Goes1 Goes2

A Pergola with a colour roof. And snoezel elements inside. So clients can make music

snoezeltuin1 snoezeltuin2

A new Snoezel corner by Zomervilla, The Netherlands Renee Ruisch Veinedagen

Zomervilla1 Zomervilla2

Snoezelbathroom for children in a medical care room 

zeeland1 zeeland2

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