Examples and Foto's of Snoezelen as a 24h approach (English)

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Together with the many developments of Snoezelen as a therapy for more and more clientgroups, we find an increasing number of examples of Snoezelen integrated into the 24h care. This are often applications of Snoezelen outside the traditional Snoezelenrooms. Caregivers and therapists getting more aware about the fact that Snoezelen does not need to stop after leaving the Snoezelenroom.

Main objectives

The main objectives to implement these kinds of Snoezelen are making contact and communication. The examples we present enable clients as well as cargivers to create new ways of mutual contact and communication. In this perspective it enhances the wellbeing of clients even further.

Example 1: Shops as an integrated part of a corridor

Here we see that parts of a corridor have been transformed to shops. The location is a nursing home for eldery people with dementia. The painted shops reflect the atmosphere of the 30\'s and simulate a shopping street. The memory of clients is activated and the sight of the corridor reveals memories of their youth. As a result it is a stimulation of their verbal capacity. Clients initiate suprising conversations which enables caregivers to make contact with them.


Example 2: A busstation in the corridor

Here we see a real innovative example of the integration of Snoezelen into the daily live of clients. Location is also a nursing home for elderly people located in the centre of the dutch city Rotterdam. The majority of the residents has been living in this city for their entire life. In general all people travelled to their work by bus.

{mospagebreak}This example especially generates surpising new ways of communications between residents. The location of the busstations stimulates mutual memories between them. Even residents with a severe level of dementia start talking with each other about their past lives in the city.

Example 3: A barrel-organ in the corridor

Here we see a real new example of Snoezelen; a copy of an old dutch barrel-organ. It is located in a corner of a corridor. Residents can push several music-buttons which activate old dutch songs. The effect of this musical interaction is amazing. People instantly remember the songs and sing along the full lyrics. For caregivers it creates a unique new opportunity to communicate with their residents.

{mospagebreak}Example 4: An adjustable and moveable beachcorner

This is a complete different example which can be used for all clientgroups. Here you see an example of three flexibele unit. Together it is used to create the relaxing atmosphere of a beachsight anywhere on location. In this example clients also will hear the sounds of the ocean and seebirds. The complete setting offers caregivers an extra opportunity to establish new forms of communication with there clients.

From childhood most residents keep positive memories, images and feelings of the time they spend on the beaches in Holland. From this background these corners stimulate different kind of senses on which caregivers and therapists can anticipate.


{mospagebreak}Example 5: In the woods

For this example the story is the same as with the beachcorner. For most residents a walk through the woods ment relaxation in the past. Today it encourage them to talk and expres their memories. For caregivers it is again a new starting point for a conversation and making contact.

Example 6: A walk in the park

Here we see another adjustable, flexible and moveable example of Snoezelen outside the traditional Snoezelenroom. In this case a nursing home, located in the centre of Amsterdam, allocated a parktheme to a part of a public room. Again not only for decoration, but mainly to create an innovative way to communicate with their clients. For most citizens of Amsterdam the "Vondelpark"  was and still is a part of their lives.

These corner is build up by "Theme" panels which can be adjusted to the seasons.

{mospagebreak}Example 7: Bathroom Snoezelen

Sometimes taking a bath is for some clients not such a pleasant experience as we think. In some cases it might confuse them or it makes them even more restless. Such a behaviour can be influenced by Snoezelen during bathing sessions.

Here you see some examples of how you can apply Snoezelen in the bathroom


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