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The MSE team gets ready to cut the ribbon signifying the grand opening of the multi-sensory environment at Wayland-Cohocton Central School. The room is the first of its kind in any New York state public school. The team is, from left to right, Jim Sullivan, St. James Mercy CEO Jenn Sullivan, Way-Co elementary psychologist Michelle DeGraff, Way-Co psychologist Cora Saxton, Rob Hughes, Lauren Hughes, Don Mead of Gunlocke, Jackie Hughes, Linda Messbauer, Way-Co superintendent Mike Wetherbee, middle school principal Eileen Feinman and Stan Konopko. Colleen Mahoney/ Genesee Country Express


Atsuko Hashimoto

It is said that more than 400 places introduce and practice Snoezelen, as rooms in Japan. In our country, in 1990’s, Snoezelen has begun to spread out as a leisure for people with severely disability, but as therapy, these days.

In addition, the application to people with dementia begins to spread little by little.


Lennie Latham has worked with children with sensory issues for more than 15 years without seeing a state-of-the-art multi-sensory environment (MSE) room quite like the one she now manages — and that she hopes will become a model for parents, educators and caregivers nationwide.

 Do you support a child or adult with sensory perceptual issues or cognitive impairment?

For people with challenging sensory and cognitive conditions, everyday life can become so unpredictable and chaotic that over time, lack of engagement can often lead to a state of learned helplessness. In this insightful text, Paul Pagliano shows how ‘learned helplessness’ can be transformed into learned optimism through multisensory stimulation, and explains how a programme of support can be designed and modulated to match the person’s needs, interests and abilities. Full of practical, easy to use multisensory assessment tools and intervention strategies, this book will help:

  • foster a feeling of ease with the environment9780415597548
  • the child or adult experience pleasure and happiness
  • kick-start their desire to explore
  • encourage improved learning, social well-being and quality of life.

The author offers an abundance of exciting multisensory stimulation ideas that can be applied to communication, play, leisure and recreation, therapy and education. Practical resources also show how to monitor and review applications to ensure they are being used in the most effective and enjoyable ways possible.

Informed by an astute, up-to-date, comprehensive overview of research and theory, The Multisensory Handbook will appeal to primary professionals from a wide range of disciplines including education, health and social care.




As WorldWideSnoezelen we organize different training and education possibiltys in other countrys. We adjust the training to the question of the organisation and the country and the client. If we train a  whole organisation the training will take a couple of days. For workshops or meetings we can explane a lot in a couple of hours.


There is also a possibility that we give a workshop or a lecture at a conference. It depends on the subject of the conference and fort hat we make a special program


For more information about anything above send a mail to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. launch the new website the increasing demand for affordable materials for the establishment of Snoezelen rooms and sensory perception.

Parkschool: Juffrouw Tiny organiseerde een snoezeldag met dieren voor leerlingen van het SO en enkele leerlingen van het VSO. Het was prachtig om te zien hoe onze leerlingen met de verschillende dieren omgingen.

Kijk voor meer foto's op de site van de parkschool.


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