Ilse Achterberg

Baby Sensory at Baby Peque Kids, Barcelona. Sensory activities for babies from newborn to 13 months.


25 years experience with Snoezelen in the daily care

Ilse Achterberg, founder of Worldwidesnoezelen, has been an activity therapist and specialist in MSE/Snoezelen for over 25 years.

Immers your senses!
Hydrotherapy pools, Jacuzzis, and swimming pools burst into life with addition of an WorldWideSnoezelen Sensory Pool System!'s sensory pools are totally unique. They can be designed to suit any pool size, purpose and budget, meaning each system is totally bespoke to your needs. From a calming, relaxing environment to basic interaction and 'all singing, all dancing' systems, we have the experience to create, design and install the perfect sensory solution for you.

Our options span single switch systems, allowing an user to control pool sound and light, to the groundbreaking IRiS Room Director System, which allows the creative use of synchronised light, sound, aroma and video projection to develop different modes for those with special needs.

IRiS Room Director can also assist professionals such as physiotherapists with their work while providing a fun, exciting experience for users. For example, the movement encouragement mode uses a circle of light to stay within as it moves across the pool. Alternatively the sound responsive mode is controlled by the noises made by users, changing the colour of lighting or the music played.

The wonderful properties of the water reduce pain in some users, thereby allowing more focus on life skills development. Equipment can be controlled from within the pool using our durable wireless floating switches.

A number of themes are available for teaching and play, including Under the Sea, Desert, Forest and everyone's favourite, Space! Watch in awe as your spaceship enters the stratosphere. See stars and planets pass by as you experience weightlessness and pretend to be moving across the moon.

Our unique drag and drop software enables you to create your own modes, allowing you to design scenarios that are specific to an individual, making every visit to the pool interesting and rewarding.

Our range of water based products has been manufactured to meet the differing uses of our system and the challenging environment they are often exposed to. All are powder coated to help prevent rust while electronic components are protected by lacquer.

Bath time can be perfect for some providing rest, relaxation, and soaking away the stress and strains of the day. When coupled with soft music and slowly changing lights, this effect is enhanced still further.

For those with special needs, the exaggerated, calming effect of a sensory bathroom adds an extra dimension to bath time, heightening its appeal. It can allow muscles to relax, reduce pain and make the bather open to developing new skills. For those with dementia or multiple disabilities, autism or ADHD, bath time can be extremely stressful, and so projecting colours and playing favourite music can be an important way to reduce tension and de-escalate anxiety.

Our sensory bathroom products have been designed to enhance the potential of this wonderfully soothing atmosphere. For example, our wireless floating switch can control lighting within a bathroom – ideal for developing cause and effect skills.
We have utilised the very latest in LED technology and wireless switching we are famous for to create these Sensory Bathroom Bundles – perfect for almost any size of bathroom. Just take a look to see what's on offer.

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