Fantastic Information about Snoezelen/Sensory Gardens

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A Garden as a 'Snoezelenroom'

For all of us a Garden is a fantastic place to be. Often the garden gives us silence, rest, the nice smel of flowers, the sounds of the bird. An excellent enviroment to bring in the Snoezelen approach. By creating or adapting a garden towards the theme of sensory stimulation you can create a beautiful external 'snoezelenroom'.

To make a Snoezelen Garden is not that easy

But that is not that easy as it sounds. Questions as how do you design it?, Which flowers do we use? Which trees? Which special elements to we bring in? etc, etc. Depending on each purpose each design will be unique.

We collected some wonderful websites for you

Lately we receive more and more questions about information regarding how to design or develop a Snoezelen Garden. So in order to answer all of your questions we collected some wonderful websites with a ton of examples, information about designs, plants, etc. The websites contain such an amount of interesting information that they will certainly help you with your ideas, plans or developments.

So, visit the websites mentioned below and let them inspire you to make your own fantastic Snoezel Garden.

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Or go to the \'Snoezelen Weblinks\'

For this publication thanks to Lorraine Thomas for providing the weblinks!

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