Beachroom for elderly

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Demented residents of nursing home Vreugdehof in Amsterdam have a beach room in the building. The special room is to improve the wellbeing of the elderly. Vreugdehof is the first Dutch nursing home with this "Sun-seasnoezelroom.

In the room there is a sandy beach and "sun" which is adjustable in intensity and heat.

In the background sound marine and bird sounds. Further blows now and then a breeze. The elderly look, thanks to a meter high scenery, at the sea. In the room there are about five or six seats where the elderly can sit. Also, there are wooden platforms on which wheelchairs can be parked.


Debbie Brandon, Osira team leader, explains that the special room is well attended. "People live up completely and spontaneously begin to tell about the past. Also the family and friends react to the beach room. Real results, we have not measured, but we see already that it works. We have a resident with Pick's disease, and urge that course constantly wanders the corridors. They scream and they often exhibit aggressive behavior. The beach room, however, they will totally relax and also a couple of hours after the visit. It is much quieter than normal. This demonstrates the usefulness for us all. "The elderly may an hour in the room and the lights are not brown.


The Beachroom at nursinghome Vreugdehof in Amsterdam (Foto: Cor Mantel)

Effect of light

The idea originated during a visit to the Total Care Fair. The Sunscene, such as the installation is called, was initially developed for the wellness sector. They found out that the fake beach also has a positive effect on the health of people with dementia. Previously concluded researchers from the Free University of Amsterdam that light has a positive effect on the brain causing depression and anxiety decrease. Belgian study also pointed out that light affects the production of melatonin, a substance that acts on the sleep pattern. The expectation is that the elderly who time in the beach room to spend, also sleep better and less sleep medication need. The nursing home will only start after the summer with an investigation because the upcoming summer could have an effect on the elderly.

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