Special Snoezelen Paintings to Stimulate the senses of your clients (English)

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Special Pictures to stimulate senses (Living, Tectile,etc)

(By Raymond Koopman)



An empty wall is often decorated with a painting. Creating a domestic atmosphere, to make people feel at home. But when is a painting, hanging for several years, really looked at? The visual stimulation is long gone. One of the reasons to develop living pictures. A real frame, to be filled with a choice of seven different pieces of scenery:

�  Townscape
�  Dutch countryside
�  Seascape
�  Fairyland
�  Market
�  The Fair
�  Circus

An example:

Push one of the buttons on the bottom of the Townscape and the barrel-organ lights up and plays a nice tune. The three other buttons activate other parts of the Townscape, giving you the experience of being in a busy shopping arcade in the middle of a town.

When you want to come round, try the Seascape. After choosing the corresponding plug, you can doze off with the murmur of the waves, until the screeching seagulls fly by, the lighthouse signals and a typical sea ballad is played.

The Dutch countryside is seen from the window of a rustic farm's living room. A view from the window shows a typically Dutch countryside, where the cows moo, the frogs croak and the ballad 'I love Holland ' resounds in the healthy air.


In Fairyland you hear the trees talk, the princess sing to the prince arriving on his galloping horse, while the witch gabbles.

The universal frame allows you to change the pictures easily. With the corresponding plug, the sounds and lights match the scenery. Each scene comes with a typical Dutch song, providing recognition and sometimes hilarity. It is possible to adjust a movement indicator, so the picture 'comes alive' when someone enters the corridor or room. With a living picture, the passer-by is always aroused. A perfect alternative to decorate an empty wall and please the residents.




Some more special examples

A painting to touch



a 3-D Picture clients can touch



This is more a picture artwork to stimulate sight



another special picture to create a special effect



Just to give you an impression what can be done by using fantasy



Or you use a painting with a certain theme



With a theme like this you can create a total new atmosphere


Designed by Raymond Koopman.

To read and know more about Raymond as an author and developer (dutch) click here

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