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WorldWideSnoezelen designing and setting a snoezelenroom at Gooizicht Hilversum

Demented residents of nursing home Vreugdehof in Amsterdam have a beach room in the building. The special room is to improve the wellbeing of the elderly. Vreugdehof is the first Dutch nursing home with this "Sun-seasnoezelroom.

In the room there is a sandy beach and "sun" which is adjustable in intensity and heat. develops, designs and creates your snoezelenroom for 100%. Thanks to the 25 years experience of Ilse Achterberg you are sure you get a professional and independed advise. Depending of your clientgroup your snoezelenroom will be designed as best as possible. The result will be a perfect balanced sensory room in which you and your client will feel happy. You will reach your goals and your clients will experience the ultimate feeling. Thanks to the independed position of you will be sure of new snoezelenroom at the best possible price. If you want to let snoezelenroom designed  by Ilse Achterberg you can e-mail your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can call directly to 0031-294-25 73 32

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Special Snoezelenroom at home for Girl with autism on TALPA Television

The Sensory Shop ("Suprisingly different in Snoezelen") was contacted by TALPA television to create a special snoezelenroom. This room was ment for a girl with autism and installed at her own house. The result you can see in the pictures.

The Mobile Snoezelen unit at Bloorview MacMillan;

Snoezelen a la cart

Special Pictures to stimulate senses (Living, Tectile,etc)

(By Raymond Koopman)


Here you'll find more examples and pictures of Snoezelen rooms.

Here you'll find examples and pictures of Snoezelen rooms.

As long as clients are fysical capable a Snoezelroom is functional. But in case clients are getting ill and therefore fysical unable to be transported, the Snoezelenroom is no option anymore. For caregivers and therapist this can be a frustrating situation especially when Snoezelen was integrated into daily care.

Here you see some examples of Snoezelenrooms