The Snoezelen Experiences 1 of Ilse Achterberg

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Here you'll read the Snoezelen experiences of Ilse Achterberg

Experience 1: Handmassage

I am giving Mrs. K a handmassage and use the lavendel oil. Mrs. K has severe dementia. Mrs. K is very restless, shakes with her hands, arms and legs. After a while she suddenly looks up. She looks me right in the eyes and says; "You are the only one who really understands me" and next she closes her eyes.



Experience 2: The Swimmingpool

I am in the swimmingpool with Mrs. S. The water is 33 degrees warm. Mrs.S. is severe dement, she is in the last stage. In almost a foetus position she is sitting in a adapted chair. I have never heard her talk and she always stares at 1 central point in the room she is in. During swimming I speak to her with a very low voice and ask her if she like the warm water. Suddenly Mrs.S. says "YES!". Because I heard her voice never before I was so suprised that I almost let her slip out of hands. I jast only 1 thought; "She has a beautiful voice".





Experience 3: Roses, Roses

Mrs. L. is laying in bed in the livingroom. Mrs. L is severe dement and has only one word she speaks all day long; "Roses, Roses, Roses......". I am going to her and sit down next to her bed. At first I slowly take her hand and hold her. Next I offer her some materials to feel. I show it to her and let her feel. Mrs. L. reacts and takes it from me. She slowly puts it next to her on the bed. She looks at me and smiles. Suddenly a colleague asks me what time it is. At that moment Mrs. L looks up and says; "35 minutes past eleven!". I watch the clock in the livingroom and it is indeed 11.35 in the morning!



Experience 4: The bath of balls

At the school for children with a mental handicap and learning difficulties I enter the Snoezelenroom with Sabine S. Sabine is 11 years old. She is mentally retarded and has major learning difficulties. In the classroom she is often corrected because of her restless and sometimes agressive behaviour. Short after our entrance in the snoezelenroom she takes 2 balls and throw them in the room with serious force. She is angry. I am going to stand next to her and I also take 2 balls and throw them even harder into the room. After this she looks at me with suprise. 10 minutes later were are laying down and laughing out load in an empty bath. We have thrown out all of the balls. For the rest of the day Sabine did not show any restless of agressive behaviour again.



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