The Snoezelen experiences of Ronald Geelen (English)

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The Snoezelen experiences of Ronald Geelen

Story 1

An impression of the bath

For a long time Mr. H. Has the disease of Huntington. Over the last few years he became more and more dement. He makes often and many movements with his arms, legs and body. That goes on and on and because of that the tension in his body only increases even more. He is not able to stop it. His loud voice and screams are his only way to express his unhappy feeling. Perhaps a Snoezel bath will relieve his suffering.

If Mr. H. lays down in the warm water his number of movements decrease. Finally he lays down and relaxes. At that moment he succeeds in doing something he can never do at daytime; he falls a sleep! For a long time the caregivers now give him this opportunity because it seems this is what he need. After a while they wake him gently. He opens his eyes and says with a loud voice 'BEAUTIFUL'. Next one of the caregivers makes little waves in the bath. If he wants to make his contribution to this he is using so much force that the caregiver become totally wet. He has a lot of fun and laughs very hard. After this he satisfied closes his eyes again.

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