The Snoezelen experiences of Lenise (Israel)

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The Experiences of Lenise

Story 1

I have been visiting the Snoezelen twice a week, for a 1/2 a  year, with a young 22 year old, autistic man. He always chooses the bubble corner and we start communicating via the mirrors, and then directly face to face, each session. His activity co-ordinator tells me that he never says a word. In the past 3 months, he has said my name twice, and said 'aba', which means father, and 'ima', which means mother. ..

Story 2

For the past year I have been snoezeling with an 11 year old, who suffers from severe emotional and psychological problems, and normally behaves in a very bizarre and strange way, with many negative behavior patterns. These patterns he brought into the snoezelen, but I waited patiently, and one day after a few months, he sat on the water bed with me, quietly, and placed his head on my doesn't happen every time we snoezel together, but the snoezelen environment gave him the opportunity to communicate in a positive way, when he wants, and it is happening more and more......

Story 3

Our home-made Snoezelen.

I work in a school for multiple handicapped children twice a week. As all schools, there are different children with very different levels, both physical and cognitive. We have decided to build a Snoezelen for the children in the future, but meanwhile we had to come up with a good idea, which was cheap and quick and easy to make!

One day I discovered a small bathroom, used as a storeroom, which consisted of a small bath, a shower and a toilet. I decided that that was where our home-made Snoezelen would be. Within a month, we had made our Snoezel bathroom in the best place possible - between the two classes with the lowest functioning children in the school.

We decided to make two opportunities for lighting in the bathroom, because of the specific needs of the children.

  1. We installed an ultra-blue light and placed some wonderful stickers on the walls, and any object or toy that shone up in the light.
  2. We placed a torch with different objects of bright colours to suit the torch light.

We had shelves built arround the walls, to hold a tape, some artificial plants, smelling candles and flowers, and different objects.

We surrounded the unused toilet with a curtain with fish drawings on it. We placed a special chair in the bath to hold the children in position while giving them the Snoezel bath they all deserve!

Results are very moving:

  • one of the children who we thought was totally blind reacts to light in this setting
  • two of the children who cry and scream a lot, visit regularly and calm down in our Snoezel bathroom and more and more.................
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