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The Snoezelen experiences from Michele Shapiro (English)

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The Experiences of Michele Shapiro

Story 1

One of my students went into the Snoezel room with a Dementia patient who had been in the Institution for the passed 2 years.  This lady had been a skin doctor in her days before she got Dementia. She had never spoken one word since the day she arrived at the institution. The first day this elderly lady was taken into the Snoezelen she sat down, looked around and said " I suggest you use another kind of creme for Mrs Smith's skin, she seems allergic to what you are using! " The therapist was shocked! Not only can this lady talk but she even knows what creme should be used!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Story 2

Another story: A little boy with cancer was dying. He used to be taken to the Sneozelen room for treatments to help reduce his pain. One day his mother asked him what he wanted to do that day...He said" I want you and Daddy to come with me to the Snoezelen because then you will know where I am going when I die. They did..he died that evening.  

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