Snoezelenroom for children with learning disabilities in Israël

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Haifa center Israel

We have used the Snoezelen Room successfully in treating children with cerebral palsy, autism, Downs Syndrome, and hyperactivity.  It is also a wonderful therapy for trauma victims and people suffering from anxiety and mild depression.  We hope to extend the treatment to mothers suffering from post partum depression.   


We are the only organization using Snoezelen Room therapy for LD youngsters.

Some examples:
RONI  is nearly 4 years old. He is the youngest child in his family. Born with Downs Syndrome, Roni is a slow developer. His cognitive and motor skills are impaired and he suffers from poor muscle tone. His concentration span is short, he skips from one activity to another, and has difficulty focusing on one task.

Therapy in the Snoezelen Room helps him learn to focus. The safe, calm environment gives him confidence to try new tasks and to make choices. The success he experiences in therapy builds up his self image and enhances his cognitive and motor abilities.


MENACHEM is 6 years old, and one of six children.  He suffers from learning disabilities and from sensory integration dysfunction. Menachem has difficulty interacting with peers. With his strong tactile deficiency and a constant need to touch and feel, he does not understand what is appropriate or what causes pain or discomfort to others.

The Snoezelen Room with its variety of tactile stimuli balances his tactile sensitivity and offers him the soothing, secluded environment in which he can try new activities and improve his skills, while experiencing a feeling of self control.

This therapy enables Menachem to feel in control, to organize his behavior and to improve his ability to function among his peers.

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