The 13th international Snoezelen-Multisensory Environment conference in Jerusalem, Israel at October 26th and 27th 2015.

During  the International Conference  ‘Experience is living’ in Vreugdehof practice experts and scholars discussed the question of how conscious sensory activation - as part of the 24-hour client-centered care - simplifies the care tasks and enhances the well-being of clients.


As WorldWideSnoezelen we organize different training and education possibiltys in other countrys. We adjust the training to the question of the organisation and the country and the client. If we train a  whole organisation the training will take a couple of days. For workshops or meetings we can explane a lot in a couple of hours.


There is also a possibility that we give a workshop or a lecture at a conference. It depends on the subject of the conference and fort hat we make a special program


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What is it?


Individual and practical coaching & advise for careworkers who use Snoezelen as an approach in daily practise. It can help you to improve your care or your skills and it can contribute to the further integration of Snoezelen into your daily care.


It is an new kind of service within healthcare. It answers to the increasing demand for flexible and personal coaching within the daily practise of Snoezelen. Form her 18 years of experience she can give you useful advise and support.