Snoezelen another world from Ad Verheul Video or DVD

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Published by Ad Verheul the Hartenberg Centre.
VIDEO: VHS-System - PAL system : 240 min - DVD 240 min.
NTSC system: 125 min.
General information about the origin, philosophy, theory, backgrounds and practice of Snoezelen.
An impression by a father and mother about Snoezelen and the experience of their profoundly mentally retarded son. A video tour of the Snoezelcentre of the Hartenberg with special Snoezelen music, detailsviews of special Snoezelen equipments different impressions of the behaviour of mentally handicapped people in the Hartenberg Snoezelen Centre.
Alternative Snoezelen activities in the swimming pool of the Hartenberg Centre.
Snoezelen in a horse ridingschool as a special therapy.
Snoezelen integrated in the daily program of people with dementia.
Snoezelen as a day program in Nursery homes.
Price: € 43,50, excl. postage- and transfer costs 

Original sound: Dutch, English, German
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