Newsletter fall 2004 of the Bloorview MacMillan Snoezelen program (English)

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Newsletter: Snoezelen Sensations

Fall 2004, Volume 3, Issue 1
A publication of Bloorview MacMillan Children's Centre

What's inside:

  • International Website aims to inform and educate;
  • A personal note of Lorraine Thomas and about the SnoezelenPool pg. 2
  • Snoezelen in the new building pg. 2
  • Making the connection: Bloorview Snoezelen reaches out to the community pg.3
  • How I chose Snoezelen or rather, how Snoezelen chose me! Pg. 4
  • International Snoezelen spotlight: De Hartenburg Centre pg. 5
  • Research & Milestones pg. 6

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For more information about Lorraine Thomas as an author: Click Here

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