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After Ilse finished her MBO-AB & HBO-MWAS education she worked for more then 10 years as an occupational therapist in a home for elderly in Amsterdam (Bernardus).

During these years she introduced Snoezelen as an approach for elderly people with dementia. Many years of experimentation, learning, experience and delevelopments followed. At present she is seen as one the founders of the integration of Snoezelen into de 24-h daily care for elderly people with dementia.

In order to meet the need of others to share knowledge and experience she developed several Snoezel trainings. Ilse trained many careworkers in the Netherlands and abroad about Snoezelen for elderly people. After this period she started working for different home for the elderly in Holland . As a project manager she was responsible for the integration of Snoezelen into daily care.

In order to increase and develop the further application of Snoezelen for different clientgroups she switched to a school for children with severe learning disabilities. She was asked to implement Snoezelen into the actual educational programs.

At present she is now working again (part-time) for a carehome for eldery people with dementia. This job she combines with her new role as an independent Snoezelcoach, -advisor and trainer. From this new focus she recently started the new internet portal www.WorldWideSnoezelen.com

For Ilse her mission in life is to bring Snoezelen to everyone his notice. As a philosophy and as an approach for all possible clients and consumers. In this the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences is a vital element.

By initiating a new international platform about Snoezelen she intents to contribute tot the further development and use of Snoezelen throughout the world.


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