Ronel van der Gun

In Hoogeveen is een mobiele snoezelwagen voor gelanceerd voor mensen met lichamelijke of verstandelijke beperking en dementerende ouderen.

Nebula is een interactieve muur die met licht reageert op aanraking. Zodra je Nebula aanraakt, lichten er lichtpuntjes op.

Sensory or Snoezelen room designed for Optical Illusions Designs for a a geriatric near Barcelona, all the products are designed by Optical Illusions Designs in Spain.

Presentation of the project Snoezelen. The technique is to make available to the reality that dealing with people with intellectual disabilities of the spaces where people with cognitive deficits may recover the interest in the surrounding world.

The sensory Shop in the Netherlands placed some new snoezelenrooms.

DIF PUEBLAMade by Sensoryrooms Mexico  

Opening of De Parel (the Pearl)

Tuesday, June 5 is the Pearl opened in Het Dorp Arnhem. Sprokkelweg had a nice amount received from Rabobank to an experience-oriented room in this matter for its residents. Worldwidesnoezelen helped in the design that best meets the needs of the residents.
Tuesday was the big day! Finally, could the experience-oriented room "De Parel” (Pearl) open. Along with the many interested and his residents the room is officially opened.

Demented residents of nursing home Vreugdehof in Amsterdam have a beach room in the building. The special room is to improve the wellbeing of the elderly. Vreugdehof is the first Dutch nursing home with this "Sun-seasnoezelroom.

In the room there is a sandy beach and "sun" which is adjustable in intensity and heat.

On 10 april appears in Section 5 of the phenomenality series. KLOS-TV is for 25 years the production company that makes films for people with intellectual disabilities

Why a new episode phenomenality?
Phenomenality 5 is a response to the many positive reactions and the resulting demand for new episodes from the healthcare sector.
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