SnoezelRijk; snoezelen equipment launch the new website the increasing demand for affordable materials for the establishment of Snoezelen rooms and sensory perception. advises, makes the design and supply all materials that can be transformed into a sensory stimulating environment that is tailored to your specific client group . Optimally every conceivable space Thanks to our partnership with reputable manufacturers and suppliers from holland and other countrys, we offer a completely new range for the establishment of snoezelenrooms , relaxation areas , snoezelbathroom , experience hallways or corners and cuddle or perception gardens.

Snoezelen rooms and experience rooms

From our background and philosophy of Snoezelen and our years of experience with the implementation of an emotion-oriented care we design the right space for your clients .


We focus along with our specialist in medical devices your bathroom completely. Already have a bath and want to transform the bathroom into a true sensory activation space? That is also possible.

Experience Corridors and angles

Behavior is a reaction to the environment . We create the environment for your clients as favorable as possible . We make for nice walking areas  and rooms where your clients feel at home.

Snoezelen and experience gardens

Increase the sensory experience of your garden for your clients thanks to our thoughtful design elements and cuddle . Is your garden large or small , we make it a true paradise sense for your clients.

Our advantages:

1. Most important is the client

From this perspective, we design each room. Together we set the goal of the space and what space your clients should provide stimulation . We make a design including a recommendation for specific materials and furnishings. Finally, we address the space.

2. 100 % independent

" The best for your client ' , that is our philosophy in designing and decorating experience spaces. We are not tied to a specific supplier or manufacturer , so you always get the best advice and the best solution .

3. The best value for money

We can select for you the best products for the best price , so you can use your budget.

4. 100 % customer satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee that you get what you ask and we have promised . 100 % satisfaction , that is our goal!

5 . Innovative and always up - to-date

We offer the latest interactive technologies in the field of sensory perception and activation . Our knowledge and experience we can advise you on the best practical application of these techniques .


Go directly to our shop for a look at our catalog (only in Dutch available)


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