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    Worldwidesnoezelen.com: Experts in Multi Sensory Environments for people with special needs! Read More
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      25 years experience with Snoezelen in the daily care Ilse Achterberg, founder of Worldwidesnoezelen, has been an activity therapist and specialist in MSE/Snoezelen for over 25 years. Read More
  • Training and lectures

    Training and lectures

    Training As WorldWideSnoezelen we organize different training and education possibiltys in other countrys. We adjust the training to the question of the organisation and the country and the client. If we train a  whole organisation the training will take a couple of days. For workshops or meetings we can explane a lot in a couple of hours. Lectures There is also a possibility that we give a workshop or a lecture at a conference. It depends on the subject of the conference and fort hat we make a special program   For more information about anything above send a mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Read More
  • Afgeronde projecten door WorldWideSnoezelen

    Afgeronde projecten door WorldWideSnoezelen

    Bekijk hier een compilatie van afgeronde projecten Take a look at a compilation of completed projects. Read More
  • 3D Blacklight pictures

    3D Blacklight pictures

    NEW! WorldWideSnoezelen can print every picture in fluor colours. In the blacklight room the picture will light up. If you wear a special glasses the picture will come to life. The picture will be in 3D with that special glasses.   Read More
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  • Snoezel Rooms

Controlled multisensory stimulation, or Snoezelen, is a therapeutic regime for people with severe mental disabilities. Such sensory integration therapies have been used in the therapy of patients with Autism, Asperger's syndrome and other developmental disorders since the 1970s. They were developed in the Netherlands and are particularly popular in Germany, involving exposure to soothing and/or stimulating light, color, scents and music in carefully controlled environment, sometimes called a Snoezelen room.

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Here you see some examples of Snoezelenrooms

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Welcome to the WorldWideSnoezelen website.

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 What is WorldWideSnoezelen.com?

WorldWideSnoezelen.com is an informative website about Snoezelen, Multi Sensory enviroment and sensory stimulation. The objective is to create a central information platform where you can find all possible information about Snoezelen from all over the world. The site is free for all users and makes searching for information on the application of sensory activation for different audiences easier.

Why WorldWideSnoezelen.com?Ilse achterberh

For over 25 years I am active as a occupational and activity therapist. Snoezelen as an approach I developed and applied for deep-demented elderly and children with mental disabilities, autism and / or severe learning difficulties.

In the last 15 years I provide many national and international workshops and lectures on conferences. All with the aim to let others learn from my experiences with Snoezelen. Gradually, it became increasingly clear to me that there are many people around the world achieve amazing results with Snoezelen. The number of clientgroups, for which Snoezelen as approach is applied, has increased dramatically in recent years.

But, to my great surprise ...... almost nobody knows what others do, learn, know, experience and apply. The result is that too many caregivers all over the world reinvent their own wheel again. This situation is not exactly helping the further development and application of the Snoezelen.

The cause
And the reason is clear; a lack of information and learning opportunities. This becomes more important since the call for scientific evidence of the effects of Snoezelen is getting louder.

The solution
And that's what I want to change with this website and platform, "learn from each other by sharing information with each other."

My mission and Worldwidesnoezelen!

It is my goal to promote and develop Snoezelen and sensory stimulation as a philosophy as much as possible around the world. I hope this contributes to the worldwide acceptance of the Snoezelen as an approach.

To this end, I would encourage others to share information, discuss and learn from others so that we can jointly develop the applications of Snoezelen. Not for the glory of ourselves, but for the benefit of all those patients who so deserve to live a more dignified life. It is our challenge to help them as much as possible.

I hope this website can help you in your own development and application of Snoezelen!

Also become an ambassador of Snoezelen!

With kind regards,

Ilse Achterberg
Occupational Therapist, Snoezel Trainer & Coach and Boardmember ISNA

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